The Paul Mask is a mask of Paul's face made by Carl after Paul left as a replacement. It is first seen in Episode 7, being worn by a sheep Carl got to replace Paul.

the sheep wear it


carl with paul mask


paul mask on tree


comes to life

History Edit

Episode 7 Edit

The Paul mask is first seen in episode 7, being worn by a sheep, used by Carl as a replacement for Paul. Carl refuses to let the sheep take the mask off, because "it has to look right" when Carl throws the sheep into his blood canal.

Episode 8 Edit

In Episode 8, Carl travels to Paul's new apartment to beg him to come back, while wearing the Paul Mask around his neck.

Episode 9 Edit

After Carl kills the sheep he begins to speak to the Paul mask until it comes to life. The mask as a robotic voice and it tells Carl to finish his work.

Episode 10 Edit

It tells Carl to wake up.

Episode 11 Edit

It tells Carl he as work to do, but everything has been done.

Episode 12 Edit

The mask is with Carl until he kills himself.