Paul is a character in the Llamas with Hats Series.


He hates when Carl does anything violent. Carl thought he was a woman until Llamas With Hats 3.


Llamas With Hats 1: In the first scene of the show, we meet Carl and Paul. Paul yells at Carl because there is a dead body in their house. When Carl says that he stabbed the man 37 times in the chest, Paul says "Carl, that kills people!" This is probably his most famous line in the show.

Llamas With Hats 2: In this episode, Paul and Carl, the only two survivors of an exploded cruise ship, are in a lifeboat. Paul yells at Carl for sinking the ship and killing all the people. Then, Paul asks what the red, sticky stuff they are standing in is. When he finds out that is an elderly couple that Carl killed, Paul gets even angrier.

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Llamas With Hats 3

Llamas With Hats 4

Llamas With Hats 5

Llamas With Hats 6

Llamas With Hats 8

Llamas With Hats 12 (Died)

He makes a cameo in a FilmCow DVD promotion video thing (forgot the name).